How We Succeed

Our strong reputation in the real estate industry has been constructed on a truly integrated approach that connects individual services into one complete process. This proprietary methodology, which we refer to as Program Management, sets us apart by defining a unique operational structure that streamlines every project on which The Amend Group works. As a result, our professionals work with great efficiency. Our projects are completed on time, under budget and our clients receive maximum value.  

How We Succeed


Clients are the cornerstone of our business—and our process. Prior to kicking off a project, our first course of action is to lay the necessary groundwork to establish trust with our clients. We take the time to meet them, learn about their history and fully understand their situation. Though every project is unique and requires a custom solution, our team showcases any related industry experience we have and similar projects previously completed.

While we provide the services within our Program Management process as stand-alone offerings, our clients benefit greatly when we bundle our services together as a turnkey solution. By choosing a beginning-to-end solution, our clients gain access to an accelerated time schedule, value engineering opportunities, strict adherence to client budgets across every aspect of a project and the most competitive prices in the industry. In addition, our integrated approach gives our clients a single point of contact, responsibility and accountability.